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Sternbild's mission is to parlay a passion for honor and virtue in business into a family company that maintains strong client relationships leading to success for both Sternbild and it's customers.

Glenn Fant is the President of Sternbild Medical Corporation and Co-Owner.  Glenn served over 22 years with the U.S. Navy and has extensive experience working with Government run organizations. As a Naval Aviator, Glenn served in Vietnam and traveled the world on the U.S.S. Constellation and U.S.S. Carl Vinson.  After retiring from the Navy, Glenn used his communication and leadership skills to mentor his fellow vets as they transitioned to employment in the private sector.

While he no longer formally teaches these skills in a college classroom, Glenn continues to do whatever he can to help the vets that come to him for counsel and belongs to many local veterans organizations.  Glenn also continued to fly with commercial airlines prior to starting Sternbild.  Glenn lives in Walnut Creek, California where he and his wife of 41 years enjoy gardening and spending time with their four children and grandchildren.

Ryan Selby is the Vice President of Sternbild Medical Corporation and Co-Owner.  He has 10 years of sales experience and has worked exclusively in the medical sector.  Ryan’s medical sales experience includes working with architects, contractors, hospital administrators and design teams to complete multi-million dollar projects.

Prior to his sales career, Ryan spent 6 years as an U.S. Army Military Intelligence Officer.  His time in service included a tour with the United States National Intelligence Center in Sarajevo, Bosnia during Operation Joint Guard.

Ryan received his bachelors degree from Cal Poly State University and his masters in Computer Information Management from WebsterUniversity.  Ryan currently resides in San Luis Obispo, California with his wife Megan and their two daughters Sadie and Eleanor.

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